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About CycleCare


We have always been motorcyclists.———– We have always been “clean freaks”——–With that passion, we formed Cycle Care Formulas, Inc. As a result, we have become the premium manufacture of motorcycle specific products in America. Over the past 22 years, we have developed 15 totally new products to precisely address the specific needs of the motorcycle.(we do not have an automotive division—– there is a difference)

Since 1992, the product line was developed as we performed “detailing services” at major motorcycle events and rallies. We have literally touched thousands of bikes, learned what works and what does not. We promised ourselves that we would not offer a new product to the Cycle Care line, unless it “beat the street” in performance and durability.

Call or email about any specific condition or problem. Perhaps we have come across the same situation or problem and can help.

The culture and reputation of Cycle Care Formulas has been to blend, from the very best materials, products that provide the maximum protection and performance. Our emphasis has been to manufacture Motorcycle Specific products, whose quality is unequaled ! Try our Motorcycle cleaners, you will be impressed