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Gadzooks! Had the opportunity to use Newmag for the first time on Sunday. Did all the recommended steps including raising the trike up so the front will would spin and power washer. Truly amazing. I've tried multiple solutions over the years that all required scrubbing, rubbing, spinning buffer ball on the end of a drill, Scotch-brite pads, etc. The crap came off with Newmag in minutes. Of course, one application for years of build-up on a 1995 Wing isn't going to be perfect -- but it's darn close. Used about 25-percent on the bottle on the first application. Hope to "touch-up" from this point forward. CCF has the products I need -- have for years. Easy to recommend.

Robert L. Van Allen Williamsport, PA

NEWSPOKE used on 07 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom

I ride a 2007 Yamaha VStar 650 Custom that has spoke wheels. Although I wiped down my bike frequently, I didn't clean my wheels and didn't realize how nasty they had gotten until I saw my bike up on a lift and the wheels were eye level. OMG! I purchased some Cycle Care NEWSPOKE wheel cleaner and was overjoyed that cleaning the wheels with so little work. THANK YOU, CYCLE CARE! Now I'm going to have to check out your other products.

Lori Garrison Indianapolis, IN

Bobbie & Jerry, While in Daytona this Spring I purchased Formula 3 polish and got great results from this product. I keep my bike parked on a carport where I live in Maryland and weather and moisture seem to land on the bike while it is parked. This causes surface rust to form on my chrome which is so unsightly. I purchased your Formula 3 along with Ultra Fine Steel Wool and using them together removed all that unsightly rust. I just want to say thank you for this great working polish, I would certainly recommend it to anyone who polishes their own bike.

Removal of Motorcycle Flash Rust on Chrome

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Walt Layton


Used SafeClean to clean my 2002 Dyna's silver engine. What a big change! Thanks Jerry and Bobbie!SafeClean - Silver & Black Motorcycle Engine/Motor Cleaner Before and After










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SafeClean - Silver & Black Motorcycle Engine/Motor Cleaner

Don Chapman

RUFF CUT & SafeClean

I was recently at the Sturgis Rally and met Jerry Meadors at the J & P Cycles Store. I have a 2009 Electra Glide in the black Denim. You showed me your product for the Denim cleaner.....I have been disappointed in the Harley Denim cleaner! It leaves streaks and never really made the bike look good. I purchased your Denim cleaner on Monday of the Rally, and came back later in the week to get another bottle. I liked it very much, no streaks and it was good on my chrome and silver! While there, you showed me the engine cleaner, for the black and silver (which mine is silver), and bought a bottle of that. As impressed as I was with the Denim cleaner, I was more impressed with the engine cleaner! When I returned home to Arizona, I cleaned my bike and used the Engine cleaner. It cleaned my silver engine with very little scrubbing! No other product I have tried cleaned as well as your's! Thank you so much for making such a great product. I will be buying your product exclusively for cleaning my two Harleys!

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Steve Horsman

Formula 2 & Formula 22

I sometimes have to wash my own bike when I can't get down to Cowboy Harley-Davidson in Beaumont. I am a professional and have my nails done regularly. I hate to use anything or do anything that could cause them to break or damage my polish. Cycle Care Bike Wash is so easy to use. Spray on.....Wash off and still have great looking nails. YEE HAA. Thanks for a great product........

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Sandra Womack

Formula 33

The Cycle Care 33 is a great product that I don't plan to be without. It causes my Honda spray cleaner and polish that I was so happy with to seem like a rank amateur. Makes my v-strom 650 look like a blue candied apple.

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Formula 33

Most folks would only e-mail with a complaint but I thought you should hear that I have used your products and really like the job they do. I have tried a few other cleaning products but always come back to the Formula 33, I like the clear formula so it doesn't leave white streaks along edges.

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Mark Gehrig

Cycle Care Products

We are stunned at the difference in our bikes. After we did the first bike, we couldn't wait to do the rest!

Karen M. Rang

Cycle Care Products

I was only going to do the windshield and finished the whole bike, bugs, road tar and all, in less than an hour! I polished out some really deep scratches too! Thanks Cycle Care!


Cycle Care Products

Your products have made cleaning the bike almost as much fun as riding!

William Cochran

Cycle Care Products

I was a little pessimistic about the ease of your products, I am now a believer! You can bet that I will be a repeat customer!

Mike Rollins

Formula 33

The Formula 33 was a miracle cure for the rain! Thanks Again!

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Chris Boyette

Cycle Care Products

When I sold my GL1500 Goldwing after 80,000 (s)miles, I got top dollar for it, due in part I'm sure because of the excellent finish and protection from years of using Cycle Care products. And you can bet that my new ride, the 07 Ultra Classic will have the same care and protection. Fantastic cleaning and protection products as well as some great cleaning accessories.


Cycle Care Products

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product. On Sept. 27, 2008, I entered my 07 Ultra-Classic in the 1st annual CMA bike show in Houston, Mo. after cleaning my bike the day before with your products. WOW, It looked better than the day I bought it. I took 1st place in the touring class. I have went from taking 2 and a half days to get my bike ready to just about 6 hrs. Thanks for a great product. I have told several people about your product's.

Thomas Lyons

Formula 1 White Wall Tire & Wheel Cleaner

I am a fanatic about white walls and keeping them white. I've tried everything on the market and I can honestly say that your product is truly the best. and with minimal effort! I'm glad I had discovered you guys.

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Bob - B.C. Cycles