Formula ENVIROGREEN - Hand Wash and Wax, No Rinse

Formula ENVIROGREEN - Hand Wash and Wax, No Rinse
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Formula ENVIROGREEN - Hand Wash and Wax, No Rinse

This new technology which conserves water, allows you to wash your Motorcycle anywhere, and be compliant with all Municipal Restrictions, Hotels, Apartments, Condos, etc. This NO RINSE BIKE WASH captures the dirt with a lubricating, distillate free resin which prevents scratching and abrasion of surfaces. As you towel dry, you are creating that "Wet Wax" shine and durability,  for which Cycle Care® has become famous.


1. Add two (2) cap fulls per gallon of water (0.5oz)
2. Wash one area at a time with a Microfiber Mitt (CCF Part #88010) Note: You must wipe dry while wet.
3. Dry and shine with a clean Microfiber Towel (CCF part #88011 or #88015)  which will create that durable "Wet Wax" shine and protection. If surface dries before wiping, reapply as above
Just Pennies Per Wash • No Rinsing • No Hose Required • No Wet Floors • Conserves Water

(Note: Extremely dirty Bikes could require a second application and fresh microfiber for the drying/polishing procedure.)

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