Scoot Pads

Scoot Pads
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Use Scoot Pads with Formula M for Quick & Positive Removal of Blueing and Golding

On Chrome: Simply apply Cycle Care Formula M to one of the Scoot Pads and rub the treated pad over the discolored area and watch the color start to disappear. Some stains are more easily removed than others. However, diligent application will produce removal and desired results without harming the surface.

On Aluminum: Apply Cycle Care Formula M to one of the Scoot Pads. Rub the treated pad on surface corrosion and water spot stains on aluminum wheels, engine cases and all other aluminum accessories.

On Stainless Steel: Apply Cycle Care Formula M to Scoot Pad. Rub on stainless steel exhaust to remove dingy heat discoloration.

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